We bridge the gap.

Between South and North, programme and communication, the existing and the future.

We talk to the South.

And bring together the perspectives of the Global South with the logic of the market in the North.

We ask, argue and learn.

Because good solutions need a critical exchange between different people.

Who we listen to

We keep our eyes and ears open and see what is happening around the globe. We recognize trends, understand and discuss information. We draw conclusions and put them into context. This is not only fun, but we learn from it for our work. So that the results are better for you.

#COVID19 has illustrated the central role of technology in keeping young people learning, and economies & health systems running.

Our challenge is to harness digital technologies to serve the world—to be an enabler, an equalizer, and bring us closer to the #GlobalGoals.

We need to ensure that the developing world does not fall into financial ruin, escalating poverty and debt crises, as countries face the #COVID19 crisis.

We need a collective commitment to avoid a downward spiral.

Ask your burning questions about #UNGA during a live call directly with our reporters covering the 75th @UN General Assembly.

Save your spot now for Sept. 25, 10 a.m. ET, and get Pro-exclusive insights into the biggest moments and takeaways. ⬇️

CPJ's legal guide for journalists in the U.S. includes information on the rights of a journalist when confronted by law enforcement while covering a protest or political event.

Available now in English and Spanish.

ES: https://cpj.org/es/2020/09/nota-de-seguridad-guia-de-los-derechos-legales-en-estados-unidos/

EN: https://cpj.org/2020/09/guide-to-legal-rights-in-the-u-s/

A ascensão de um governo populista com tendências autoritárias vivida hoje no Brasil tem relação com o fato de a segurança pública não ter sido priorizada na transição democrática. Leia mais na @folha https://www1.folha.uol.com.br/colunas/ilona-szabo/2020/09/seguranca-e-democracia.shtml

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