We bridge the gap.

Between South and North, programme and communication, the existing and the future.

We talk to the South.

And bring together the perspectives of the Global South with the logic of the market in the North.

We ask, argue and learn.

Because good solutions need a critical exchange between different people.

Who we listen to

We keep our eyes and ears open and see what is happening around the globe. We recognize trends, understand and discuss information. We draw conclusions and put them into context. This is not only fun, but we learn from it for our work. So that the results are better for you.

Turkish regulator censors Halk TV and TELE1 broadcasters for 5 days https://cpj.org/2020/07/turkish-regulator-censors-halk-tv-and-tele1-broadcasters-for-5-days/

@daktari1 We know of five deaths of dialysis patients in the last two months. These are not from Covid-19 but from related causes.There may be more such deaths among the vulnerable populations than there are from Covid-19. Vulnerable Individuals need assistance to stay alive!

How come only 3% of chief executives in the aid sector are people of color? In this op-ed, @IRWorldwide CEO @NaserHaghamed reflects on his own experiences of racism and discusses the need to establish a broader coalition that includes every single group.

Police occupy, close 2 television stations in #Somaliland

People are more likely to trust a faith leader than a nongovernmental organization they may not be familiar with, said Umar Rashid, health and WASH lead of aid group @muslimhandsuk.

#DevexFocus on #FaithBased #Development · @GHRfoundation 👇🏽

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